How to care for your ceramics

All ceramics are fired to very high temperatures, making them strong and perfect for everyday use.

Every tableware piece made is dishwasher safe, although please be advised that washing by hand is recommended to help prolong the life of the piece. They are also suitable for the oven but please take care to avoid sudden temperature changes (for example from the oven to a cold benchtop) as this is likely to cause thermal shock which can result in the piece cracking.

Most wares in a glossy glaze are very hard wearing and so, marking should only occur after some time.
When matte glazes are used there are a few things to note. Scraping cutlery over the surface of a matte glaze can often leave light marking on the surface of your piece. Marking can be more or less noticeable depending on the colour of the glaze and the pressure of said cutlery, however you will find over time that these marks tend to blend out into a general patina on your plate or bowl. If this marking is an issue for you, I recommend sticking with a glossy finish.