Mix & Match Plates
Mix & Match Plates
Mix & Match Plates

Mix & Match Plates

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A set of 3 handmade plates, beauties for your table. 

Also great to use as a decorative piece for your candles, to display your jewelry, in the kitchen or beautiful just on its own.

Hand built, made from high-quality textured, grogged, white porcelain clay. This clay gives the surface a beautiful lightly textured, sandy, appearance. The plates are free-shaped, creating an organic feel with no two pieces exactly the same.
Glazed with a transparent soft shiny glaze, the base and sides of the plate are left unglazed creating a vitrified stone-like surface with a tactile feel.

Handformed - Grogged porcelain clay, glazed and fired at 1220°C

Dimensions - set of 3 plates

  • Plate 1 - 9 x 12 cm 
  • Plate 2 - 14 x 15 cm 
  • Plate 3 - 17 x 18 cm